Chi Kung

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is the practice of cultivating internal energy called Chi.  The three thousand year old exercises of Chi Kung are designed to promote internal energy through breathing and meditation. 


The "Chi" in Chi Kung translates to air or breath. Some refer to "Chi" as the body's life force.  "Kung" means work in Chinese.  The words together, "Chi Kung" means work or develop your Chi energy. Chi kung is a personal development program that improves your individual ability to generate more Chi; cause Chi to flow smoothly throughout your body and prevent disease by strengthening your immune system.


Chi Kung helps students calm the mind, relax the body and develop rootedness and better focus. Chi Kung increases energy flow which helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure.


Chi-Kung, Tai Chi Chuan and Choy Li Fut complement each other.  For Kung Fu and Tai Chi students, Chi Kung training also helps to develop the Dim Mak (pressure point attacks) and increases the power of one's strikes. 

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