Chi Kung

Chi Kung Continued...

There are two basic parts to Chi Kung training:

Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang) ~ Chinese medicine places great importance on a balanced body, with the spine as the center. Each side of your body should be equally relaxed and balanced before your chi energy can move smoothly and evenly through the body's Chi channels. Standing upright is the only way to evenly balance the body. 

Chi Kung Exercises ~  Chi Kung exercises are designed to teach you how to move healthy chi to specific places in your body for the purpose of healing one's self.  Each exercise targets a specific part of your body and combines three important principles to produce the most powerful self-healing chi kung techniques. These three principles are Shun, I (Yi) and Chi (Qi). Shun means spirit, and defines your emotional state. Yi translates to mind. Your mind directs your chi to its intended destination. When these three are combined you have a powerful, natural form of self-healing.

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