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Choy Li Fut History Continued....

It soon became apparent that after only four years of training that Chan Heung was again ready to move on to higher levels. In only ten years he had already reached a level of skill that had taken Yuen Woo and Li Yau-San twenty years to attain. The young man's potential was so great that Li Yau San suggested a Shaolin monk named Choy Fok, who lived as a recluse on Lau Fu mountain, as the best teacher for Chan Heung.

Realizing that reaching his highest potential in Kung Fu meant finding the monk and becoming his disciple, Chan Heung set out on the long trek to Lau Fu Mountain. Chan Heung sought out anyone who could help him find Choy Fok. Finally, after weeks of searching, he found the monk in a remote forest and handed him a letter of recommendation from his teacher, Li Yau-San. After waiting patiently to be accepted as Choy Fok's disciple, Chan Heung was stunned when Choy Fok turned him down. It seemed that the monk was intent on being left alone to cultivate Buddhism, and no longer wished to teach martial arts. Finally, after much begging from Chan Heung, Choy Fok agreed to take the young man as a student, but only to study Buddhism. So, Chan Heung studied Buddhism for many hours during the day, and practiced his martial arts well into the night.

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