Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Continued...

Tai chi forms are performed in a slow and relaxed manner allowing practitioners to calm the mind and release the mental and physical tensions of everyday life. 


As a martial art, Tai Chi Chuan uses the theory of "four ounces of strength against a ton of force," repelling the opponent without resorting to force against force.


Tai Chi Chuan training includes original Yang Style hand forms, Tai Chi weapons, push hands, & self defense application.


Tai Chi is also recognized as an excellent form of moving meditation.


}} Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan History

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan • History • Lineage

Yield and Overcome;

Bend and Be Straight;

Empty and Be Full;

Wear Out and Be New.

From the writings of Tao Te Ching XXII


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