Tai Chi Chuan History

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan History

Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872), founder of Yang Style

Tai Chi Chuan, was born in Hebei province. In his

youth he had learned Shaolin Kung Fu, and because

of his love of martial arts, later sought the opportunity

to be trained by Chen Chang Xing, a master who had

learned Tai Chi from Jiang Fa. After years of training to

prove himself worthy, Chen Chang Xing accepted Yang

Lu Chan as his disciple, where he spent 18 years perfecting

and unlocking the secrets of this soft style martial art.

Through continuous Tai Chi training and self-research, Yang Lu Chan achieved such a high level of martial art skill that he defeated all challenges from masters of other kung fu styles through out China and was named Yang Wu Di (Yang the Invincible).

Yang Lu Chan trained his two sons, Ban Hou and Jian Hou, who continued to spread Yang Family Tai Chi through out local martial art circles. Eventually his sons helped him to train his grandson Yang Cheng Fu who became the greatest Tai Chi Chuan teacher in China.

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