Tai Chi Chuan History

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan History Continued...

It was Cheng-Fu who finalized Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan into the present-day form that is so popular all over the world. Learning Tai Chi Chuan from his father since early childhood, Yang Cheng-Fu showed great talent and learned very quickly, especially the "middle frame" of Yang style passed on by his grandfather to his father and uncle Yang Ban Hou.

As an adult, Yang Cheng-Fu was invited by the Beijing Sports Society to teach martial arts in the city.  he later traveled throughout China to teach Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan. Because of his modesty, gentleness and eagerness for perfection - which he seemed to have inherited from his grandfather, Yang Cheng-Fu was loved by all his disciples, who were scattered all over the country.

During his stay in Wuhan, he accepted a challenge by a local kung fu master versed in swordsmanship. Wielding a mere makeshift sword of bamboo; Yang easily defeated his well-armed opponent and apologized profusely for having hurt his wrist unintentionally during the fight.

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